Monday, February 21, 2011

♥ Friendship ♥

Today is the pre-registration for us. So after Edutec class we went to the pre-reg and later help Lisa with the subject registration. We feel really tired. Damn tired. But as a friend we must to help each other no matter what it takes. As usual we're HUNGRY!!! We decided to eat Nando's at sacc. Enjoy our time together while eating the foods. Thanks to Lisa for the foods :) Here are some pictures of us doing crazy things together...

Cho' semangat msu gitu bah.. Pkai tag msu lagi kamu.. Still can pose even she is tired :)

Tek!!! funny face while HUNGRY ;p

Sedap bah ice lemon tea... three times tambah :)

This is MINE! MINE! MINE! haha =D

OMG! Cho' food looks more delicious than mine. Can i have some of your fries? yummm..

ME :) I'm tired!!!! peningsss...

Look at our nose...kembang hidung ku :)

HAHA! This 1 funny. Look at my teeth!!! Looks like rabbit. Tek puya hidung kembang! Euuww..

Ape nak pose nie??? mcm nie pun bole gak laa..

She looks like kids... Don't do that face again tek..haha!

Comels bah kamu Cho' ;)

Nak jugak pkai..hahaha!!!!

Best moment ever.. Even we are tired and have a lot of things to do but we manage to enjoy our foods and time together :) LOVE YOU BOTH! 

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