Monday, January 31, 2011

conteng-conteng lup

Sayang thanks for the whole day with me..Really enjoyed!!! :) I love being by ur side 24/7.. Conteng-conteng while enjoyed our time together was fun!!! conteng2 atas tisu.. Here are some of the pictures :)

(i draw this..cute kan?)

(sayang u kene candid..hehe)

(Wow..not bad la yang u lukis but mine is more better than u..haha!! =D)

(Can i have that camera for free.. Leica pls..)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Students life (^_^)

OMG! i hate exam. I wish that there's no exam in this world. English paper this friday but i'm not prepare at all. Not open the book yet! I'm scaredddddd :( Can i study last minute? That's what i'm always do. Seriously i can't study early b'coz i can't focus on it. weirdooo! Can i have a  'doraemon' or a 'time machine' so that i can fast forward the time..hehehe!!! ;) Btw, this sem i'm so busy with the assignments, projects, and presentations. Lots of things to do. How can i handle all of this at the same time. HECTIC!!! Bila ade class malas nak going to class & when there's an exam malas nk study for that paper. What a life! It's the students life. Suka ke tak u have to face it so in the future u will be a successful person. Chewah motivasi diri sendiri..hehe :)

Can i be a queen so i no need to do the  hard work?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

why i sayang you

why why why...

 Sayang, why i love you???  i love you b'coz you complete me :) when i'm sad u always be my shoulder and listened to me even sometimes i start bubbling. Selalu bila u merajuk dgn i, i yang merajuk lebih dari u. hehe!!! when u're tired, u sanggup drive to my place and bwk i jalan-jalan. Seriously u're so sweet than gula-gula syg :) u're my hero and my prince charming that will comes to me whenever i need u. When i wrote this, i start to recall all our memories. It's not a long journey for us but it seems like a year. Why why why i love you??? U sanggup dtg Shah Alam just to drive for me. Ohhh...u make my heart melt :p wink wink wink (^_-) Sayang u keep on saying that i'm pretty and cute. I mesti ckp 'mane ade, u nie ape laa'. But actually i want to say 'Yeah! i know that. Tell me something i don't know' *blushing* hehe!! He love to cuddles me and i wish u will be the person that i will see everyday when i wake up and before i go to bed. He's so understanding and yes i do like u b'coz of that. Why i sayang u??? hmmm.... u're so romantic sayang :) I promise i tak ketawa bila u romantic2. Sayang, far or near you will always be my boo.

I love the way you make me so happy,
And the ways you show you care.
I love the way you say, "I Love You",
And the way you're always there.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

why do women like gossip?

Why do women like gossip??? It's a fact that women love gossiping.

1. Women talk what they want to talk without think. They just bubbling.
2. They talk about their ex boyfriend, women who full with drama (drama queen) & people who do mistake.
3. Gossip about people who dumb them.
4. Gossip helps validate our feelings.
5. Gossip reduces stress.

* Don't talk bad behind others.
* Men do it too just in diff ways.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

College = Study

College...This is my last semester for me to study hard and to face the exam papers. Best kan? Seriously penat dah study lagi2 time ade assignment, presentation and EXAM! But today i don't want to talk about study. Later maybe :p
Penah tak uols terfikir which baju nak pkai pegi class tomorrow? I always think bout it ok. Kadang2 rasa macam semua baju dah penah pkai. So why not match kan baju dgn belt or pape yg uols rase sesuai. Tak salah pun bergaya kan. Kalau ade yg mulut jahat ckp u melaram ke or what u buat tak tau je. It's important for us untuk jaga our personality :) pergi college pkai a little bit of make-up so tak la nmpk pucat like wearing  eye liner, lip gloss & others. But remember jgn over make-up! just be yourself :)

(my face with a lil bit of make-up *natural look)

 (this is my tiredness face so no make-up at all)

* Less is better ;)

Donut, Dinner, Sunnies :)

Today cik dayah buat donut untuk kita semua. Sedaapppp!!!! Percaya tak? hehe... terjaga dari tido sebab bau donut cik dayah buat nie. Bersemangat dia uli adunan tepung tu. Percaya dgn tak jela sbb dia buat donut siap tutup semua kipas sbb tak nak tepung berselerak. Lupa nak amek pic dia tgh uli tepung. Klw ade mesti tergelak sbb kelakar sgt2 die uli. After siap uli kitaorg biarkan tepung tu naik. Tunggu punya tunggu tepung tu naik kami2 pergi mkn kat giant :) makan nasi lemak. Habis la bertambah lemak kat bdn nie.hehe!!! resepi buat donut :

275 g - strong flour
35 g - sugar
30 g - margarine 
10 g - yeast
125 ml - milk
1 nos - egg

*flour, sugar, margarine & egg mix until all well blanded
*yeast and milk soak together (put slowly)
*after that let the dough expand 

                   (Donut yg sedang digoreng)

(Tadaa!!! ini lah hasil donut cik dayah)
Jom makan....

Pergi makan kat giant. Seriously ramai sgt org tadi sampai nasi campur pun habis! untung org kedai tu kan. hehe :) saya dgn cik dayah decide untuk mkn nasi lemak je sebab kiteorg malas nk beratur & tunggu lama2. Masing2 perut dh berbunyi-bunyi. Cik ya mkn nasi goreng tom yam. layannnnn....

(Nasi lemak RM 5)

(it's me with my dinner)

(cik ya tgh tunggu nasi goreng tom yam)

(Cik dayah yang hottt - susah betol nk amek gambar dia)

Before terlupa, time jalan nak masuk jalan tgk shades. Nak belikan untuk si dia tapi confuse die suka ke tak. Hmmmmm.... sayang!!!!! i pening nak choose brg untuk u > < i suka dua style nie but it's depends on u sbb u yg pakai. i suka suka sbb bole design mcm mane yg kita nk. I mean if u nk glass die colour hitam, hijau or pape pun bole. Bole letak ur name lagi kat glass tu. Woowww!! i like :) 

(I like this one sbb model tu pkai nampak cool. Maybe sbb die handsome kot! hehe)

(This also!!! urghhh it's hard to choose la dear. peningsss)

* At last i kuar from that shop sbb i confuse nak choose. What a great decision kan? jimat2 hehe..

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I love to think and dreams like in the fairytale story. I wish i'm in the fairytale land. It's amazing if we can do anything we want such as eat as much foods as we can, travel here and there for free and get money without hard working (turun dari langit) hehehe :) Do you ever think what will happen in your life tomorrow? I always imagine that the best things will happen in my entire life but i know it won't. We have to deal with our own life. Sometimes we have to face the fact and we can't dream all the time. Life will bring to what god plan for us. In life we keep on learn and learn. The past make us grow for tomorrow.  Life is an experience that teach us everything. Try to remember all the memories for sure you will smile :)  While i'm writing this, i recall all the memories. WOW! how i can deal with so many things in 23 years? I'm wondering.... So, from now try to appreciate the times and people around you mostly the one you love the most. Past is past let move on :)

Love story

When we are apart, my heart keep on calling your name. You can't hear it but you will feel the same. I can't wait to meet you. I pray that the day that i waiting for is tomorrow. I keep on counting and times keep on flying. Be patient, only that i can do... Sayang, you want to know something? When we spent our time together and had a fight, that memories make me miss you the most. I know you miss me too :) My love letter sounds romantic is it? I t's because i am truly deeply in love with you. I wrote a short poem for you when i am thinking of you.

I am the rhyme of your love song,
that your heart sing in every beats.
My heart beats as same as you,
as the two heart become one.
You and me together as one,
like the shadow can't be separated.
One way one destiny,
now and forever.