Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy together for 4 months

I love everything about you. I love the way you touch my heart and how you care about me. I can't stand if you are not around. I need you in my life. All I need is you.

I finally found a guy who is a nice guy and actually he likes me :) After searching all the places, I close my eyes and all I see is you. I'm falling in love with you. After this 4 months it seem i'm always thinking about you. I miss you more than words can describe. How my life looks different when you are here with me. I cannot wait for the day when I meet you again.

I love the way you texting me. Texting at the late night until I fall asleep. Suddenly when i wake up I saw your text and miss call. I love that and when i wake up I get excited to read all those texts and to hear your voice is the first thing that I want to hear every morning. I love that all.

Sometimes what I want to do is sit beside you and laughing together. Just you and me. I want to talk to you about everything. I just want to fall in love with you over and over and maybe at one point we will get tired but until then all I want is you, only you.

p/s : do you ever dream of us together?


  1. aiman doakan akak bahagia akak .
    aminnn .
    the day is coming da akak
    keep up .
    just jaga lek lok aw akak .
    aminnn .=D