Friday, December 24, 2010


February came again, the young, quiet and beautiful girl watched the sun through the window. The sun is glowing like a fiery red. Purplish pink streaks peep teasingly out of the peach sky with tints of gold casting a rich, majestic hue. She’s still looking at the sun as there are something hidden inside it. No one knows what the secret behind it is. Suddenly, she sighed deeply, as she watched the sun begin its journey to its resting place.

She closed her eyes and walked wearily down the memory lane. Memories of a yesterday that held so much promise to a glorious tomorrow. She was so sad. I can see it through her eyes. 

“What are you thinking of?” I asked her.

“I miss him so much” Sofea answered softly.

Slowly she goes to her bed. She walks in a summer dress of flowing pink cotton. There is a red rose in her hand. For almost a year I had watched her as she watched the sun sets. Almost a year of longing to see, her knowing not whether she knows or cares about me. How could I tell? But I chose to believe that she does both know and care for me as I care for her. 

It is time.

My skin prickles and shivers and ice strokes my spine.

No words could be expressed. The more I walk towards her, the more adrenaline being stimulated in me. I could feel butterflies flying in my stomach.

“Eeemmm ... I’m Adam isn’t the scenery beautiful today? It looks very different compared to the days before”.

She sighed.....

“The sunset has lost its glow and the dimness arose in it.......”

“Wow! There’s a deep meaning into it..... Are you a poet by chance?”

Outside, the sun had turned into an orange glow. The sun started its descent; its golden fingers reach for the tears as they fell. Soon the dark curtains of the night drew to a close and all was silent.
Adam was confused as she looks into the sunset as though they were hers once up a time. He could see there’s a deep pain in the eyes of his beloved. He could not relax as he got even more anxious.

“What could she ever possibly have in her mind? I am eager to know”.

”The sunset brings a lot of meaning to me personally”.

“Not for me”.

Adam was stunned!

“I could hear his voice shouting out for help. I could see him wrestling with death, but i am helpless. No one was willing to help him”

Sofea could not stand anymore as she breaks into tears. Adam got nervous as he did not know what to do. He felt his heart was sinking into the pacific ocean as he looks at his beloved who is in tears. How heart wrenching.


“He saved my dignity from being tarnished! He saved my life”

“What happened?” 

“I was on my way to meet him on our special valentine morning. I was wearing a pink dress that he presented to me on our anniversary. I could still smell the fragrance that was in the air. So tender and beautiful”.

I got to know from our close friend that he is going to propose me. I was so thrilled and excited. My dream comes true.

“He is definitely a lucky man” Adam said. 

“He will always be, Adam. At that moment of time I knew he was the one for me. I saw him approaching my house with his tuxedo. I chuckled. He was so cute and i never seen him wearing tuxedo. I knew he was uncomfortable in the attire. Could it be that he wore the tuxedo just to formally propose me?”

Adam saw that Sofea was finally smiling though there are thousands of sadness lingering in her heart.

“I ran towards him and hugged him. I felt the warmth of security of being in his comforting arms. He whispered to me softly, reminding me to be in the park. He left me and I went on walking towards the park. I waited for almost 20 minutes. I guessed he forgot the ring. Suddenly I felt his hands covering my eyes. Is this the moment I had been waiting for?”

My heart was pounding even faster.

I turned around....

A group of guys suddenly held me and try to push me down. They try to rape me. They tore my clothes of. I was trying to save my life. They were far to strong for me. I was almost losing my subconscious mind.

“At that moment of time, I heard a mighty voice shouting at those thugs. I knew it was my beloved. One by one the thugs begin to withdraw from me. I know my beloved has struggled to save me. I got up slowly only to find that my beloved is full of blood. I saw a knife had been used to stabbed him. He called out on me. I held him slowly in my arms”.

Adam saw her crying again, but this time is different. He place his arm on her shoulders to console her.

“Don’t leave me... Just hang on, you will pull through this”.

“I will not leave you even for a second. I will always live in your heart. The time had arrived. Now, you have to let me go. Be sad no more”.

“He touched my face and we looked deeply into each other. I felt his warm lips and we kissed each other. His hand fell from my cheek and I knew he was no more. Suddenly the warmness of the sunset had left me as an orphan”.

Now Adam knew what had been bothering Sofea all the while. His heart broke into pieces as he knew his beloved had suffered terribly.

“Who’s the lucky guy?”

“Let the secret live and die with me as he who will live and die with me FOREVER.”

>> Hope you enjoy it.. I create this short story so it's mine :)


  1. u wrote that short story?
    that was so sweet! keep on writing!
    i wanna read it. jadi lah penulis novel! :)

  2. yup i yg tulis dgn my friend..hehe!!! :)